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This is the old page of my YouTube channel The Bright Side of Mathematics where I publish videos since 2014. The new page is here: https://thebrightsideofmathematics.com/. I deal with a lot of different mathematical topics and I am always open for suggestion what to cover next.

All videos are always free and available on YouTube. However, my supporters, which truly motivate me, can find small perks like early access, PDF versions and quizzes here. You can choose any support method you want to get the additional material. Since I see me as an ambassador of free education, everything here is available for everyone in the world. Therefore, if you are not able to send me money, please just send me a mail such that I can send you the material.

Now if you want to support my work and free education videos, you have different possibilities:

SteadyA membership platform like Patreon where you can choose the monthly amount that suits you best.
PatreonIf you don’t want to use Steady, you can find the same tiers on Patreon as well.
PayPalChoose any amount you want and don’t forget to mention which material you want.
Ko-fiYou can give me tips over the Ko-fi platform.
MoneroA cryptocurrency focused on privacy. Just write me an email if you want to tell me which material you want.
SEPAIf you are in the EU, this is a normal bank transfer where no large fees are involved. Just write me an email afterwards.
EmailIf you are not able to give me financial support, that is no problem at all. Just send me an email and I can send you the material.

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